Do you have a” brain factory”?

Do you have a” brain factory”?

I coach quite a good number of people that have what I call a brain factory. Bright ideas, great insights and they are quick to understand.
Something about like minds attracts each other…….
I started calling it a “brain factory” because of the great number of ideas and thoughts that race to your brains. You always have brilliant insights and ideas. This can be about improving your work processes or to solve challenges in your personal life but you are always quick to come up with solutions.
There is also a downside about having a brain factory
– Finalizing work is not your strongest point
– Materializing ideas is challenging or simply not happening
– You struggle with keeping focus
– Very easily distracted
– You expect others to understand what you have in mind and also to be as quick to understand as you are
In my coaching sessions there often is an emphasize on focus, structuring and expressing your ideas and needs. And that really helps greatly. It creates better understanding and more focus.
Especially the fact that others cannot look in your head, creates a lot of misunderstanding.
The “brain factory” assumes that others also see things the way he or she sees it. Subsequently you fail to understand why others do not do the things you expect them to do. In your mind!
I share a couple of tips that may help you to make the best of your brain factory.
– When you are a leader make sure you delegate to your team. This seems like a no brainer but still very applicable
– If you have the opportunity and the means, hire a PA or VA to materialize some of your ideas
– Bring structure in your work by using tools that help you structure. E.g. use the Eisenhower Matrix. Easily explained in below link

Introducing the Eisenhower Matrix

– When you do need to finalize a project, make sure to find a space where you can work all by yourself. Make clear to possible co-workers that you are not available for a certain period of time. This to prevent distraction. Also make sure to switch off any pop ups for new messages and emails and hide your phone in a drawer.
– Share your ideas. Explain them. People cannot look inside your head.
It may also help you as a (HR) manager to recognize people that have a brain factory. You can support them in sharing their ideas and finding more focus.
Do you recognize yourself in this? Send me an email and we can have a virtual coffee so you can learn to make the best use of your brain factory.

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