Together we create clarity and targets in your life

coaching is not a luxury but a perfect means for personal and professional development

Onbegrensddenken “thinking without limits” is liberating. No more dilemmas, limiting thoughts or feelings. Together we look where your needs are for learning and development.
The inspiring and powerful question I ask will empower you to discover your talents, passion and creativity. Your hidden potential will come alive again.
Onbegrensddenken leads to positive and surprising results within both organizational objectives as well as in personal and professional development.
You will learn that coaching is not a luxury or only for people with problems. But a great means for personal and professional career development

Dare to grow and unlock your potential

Living your life to the fullest is what we all want. But sometimes we need a bit of help to reach our full potential. You will learn what wonderful insights you can have when you look at things in a different way. And you will encounter how powerful my coaching sessions are. A great way to self-development!

Off to a good start!

An intake is important. Especially to see if there is a “click” and to learn about your question or learning needs. We discuss if and how I can help you and how many sessions we expect are needed.
An online intake of maximum 15 minutes is free of charge and always via Skype, Face Time or Whatsapp. A personal intake takes one hour.
I coach face-to-face, via Skype, WhatsApp or Face Time; whatever you prefer. In most cases it is a combination of face-to-face and online.
I coach both in Dutch and English.
My clients are very positive about online coaching. Not much distraction and full focus.
I work from Hilversum and nearby towns but in-house at companies is a possibility. Online coaching is worldwide applicable.

Please contact me for an intake.

A new perspective on careerdevelopment

About Jolanda

For many years I worked in the commercial arena. For 14 years I ran my own relocation agency. Guiding and supporting expats who arrived in the Netherlands. I am a true entrepreneur being raised in a family of entrepreneurs.

Besides my work I always had a focus on personal development. Following workshops, retreats. Increasing my awareness. In the field of coaching I have followed workshops about external mindset vs internal mindset, professional coaching at the Coaching Academy and the Mastery coaching training at the American Arbinger institute. https://arbingerinstitute.com/

At a certain moment in my work life, I realized I had to make a change. My inspiration had run dry. I realized I truly love to help people take the next step in their life. Coaching is my new passion. Helping you to increase your awareness, get clarity about where you stand now and where you want to be. This applies to both your professional and personal life.
I provide 1 on 1 coaching sessions. Questioning, wondering, triggering, inspiring, sparring. With the aim for you to discover the best version of you.


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